Who is Ted Greene

Ted A. Greene, Esq.

Ted A. Greene

Mr. Ted A. Greene started his career and founded the Law Offices Ted A. Greene, Inc. in 2002. Mr. Greene began his career serving our Country in the United States Air Force. Since then, Mr. Greene has successfully owned and operated several large Sacramento based businesses, all aimed at offering assistance to consumers. He obtained an undergraduate degree in accounting and subsequently obtained his real estate broker’s license to provide services to real estate clients, both commercial and residential.

After conquering the business and real estate world, he decided to enter into the legal field. In 2001, Mr. Greene completed law school and passed the Bar on his first attempt and soon after became a licensed attorney in California.

In his years as an attorney, Mr. Greene has become well versed in all aspects of civil litigation, bankruptcy and real estate law. He has helped hundreds with their financial and real estate woes. He has seen unimaginable success in litigating for homeowners’ rights. He has succeeded against the largest of financial institutions, including JP Morgan, US Bank, and Wells Fargo. In both the legal and business world, helping homeowners protect their rights has always been Mr. Greene’s top priority.

When he is not on the clock, Mr. Greene enjoys golf, outdoor activities and spending time with his family. He used to be an avid and competitive soccer player and tries to play in recreational leagues whenever possible.

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